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Are you a blogger? What do you write? Travel, Food, Niche, Affiliate or is it a fun Media blog. Blogging is a great hobby which is bound to build a brand if done regularly and adequately. Have you considered blogging as a job? Though a vast majority of blogs are personal, reports suggest that about 39% of people do it for getting their weekly paycheck. There are also reports that indicate that a majority of companies have shifted towards blog campaigning which is creating a lot more opportunities for bloggers worldwide.

Here are a few tips on how to transition from a full-time personal blogger to writing awesome blogs for someone else. Here are five steps to kickstart this business.

Know your niche

Before you start, have a look at your blog and see what works the most for you. What strategies worked the best. Organize your content and see what worked the best for you. Also, make a note of things that didn’t go well. This will keep you ready for things to come and you’d be able to craft content accordingly.

Make sure People Read

A random blog somewhere in ‘nowhere’ isn’t something that will land you a paying blogging job. Make sure that your blog is being read and you stand out. The niche doesn’t matter, just that it is being read and shared.

Collaborate and Write

Your blog alone won’t be enough. With things changing fast, and the world becoming smaller each day, it’s time to collaborate and expand wider. Writing for others will develop your credibility and make a bigger-louder name. You will also learn what people want in their blogs and how much of that is known to you.

Go a notch higher

Once you’ve become good at writing, other things make your blog work, and you need to focus on them. The layout, images, references, etc make your blog stand out and need your attention. See if you can learn photography, typography, etc to enhance your blog. Not sure where to experiment? Try it on your blog and see the results.

Get Set GO

Once your bag is full, and you are set to go, start looking for blogging jobs. Searching for blogging jobs is no different from other jobs, just that not everybody has the money to afford a full-time blogger. See if you can start with a part-time blog and start building your cheque. It is far better than looking for job or doing online part-time jobs

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