The cheap availability of internet and smartphones has to lead to increased WhatsApp consumption. As a result of which WhatsApp has become the most popular medium of exchanging text messages.

But since the time Facebook bought WhatsApp, the app has undergone several changes. An example of such a change is video or picture status. Through this, one can convey the message without bothering each of their contacts. This particular feature has swept off all the other applications by increasing comfort in users life.

Through this app, we exchange media or texts with your beloved ones. And as the conversation continues, our chat becomes a history. It doesn’t matter if we admit it or not, deep down, we all know this history plays an important role in our lives due to whatever the reason is. And there comes a time in our lives when we lose this history. Such a situation arises due to two reasons;

a. you are upgrading your smartphone.

b. Your smartphone has been attacked by malware (this happens often. Save your phone by going through this article).

But did you know it is a work of less than an hour and you will have access to all the lost conversations?

Check out the steps below and get back the lost chats:

1. Open WhatsApp > Click on the three dots looking like option on the top right corner.

2. Go to Settings > Click on Chats

3. Click on the Chat Backup option > the first option will be the Last backup > Click on Backup

whatsapp-chat-backup- Worknrby

That is it. Your WhatsApp will fetch all the data. You can access the data once the Backup is done.

NOTE: The above backup procedure was for the people who have lost their chats by mistake or due to malware.

If you are changing your cell, then here is the Backup procedure for the existing account:

1. Verify your WhatsApp number.

2. A message asking whether you want to restore the chats or not will be displayed once you have successfully verified your number. Hence Click on the Backup option.

3. If by accident instead of Clicking on backup, you clicked on Continue without backup, then stop worrying and start following these steps:

Go to Settings > Click on Chats > Tap on Chat backup > Go through the Google drive settings.

a. Backup to Google drive > Choose one suitable option among the five. But if you do not want to change, then let it stay the way it was by clicking on Cancel.

b. Check the Google Account settings. See if the account you have chosen is the one you use. But if not, then you can add one.

c. Go through Backup over option. If you don’t have access to Wi-fi, then you can choose to Backup over Wi-fi or Cellular

d. If you want to include videos, then toggle the Include videos option present at the bottom of Chat backup.

After setting functions as per your comfort, click on Backup and wait for the Backup to finish.

This is it.


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