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It is great to receive an offer letter after a long job hunt. It is an extremely soothing experience to receive one. And it can be really difficult to turn down any such offer. This situation can be tense but needs to be thought considering the amount of time you are going to spend in the office.

Take your time and evaluate the job in regard to your professional growth, family and the employer. It can sometimes make sense to say no after you have evaluated everything.

Consider the following before you accept or decline the offer:

The gut says no:

Listen to yourself first. If you were dissatisfied with your interview and still got selected or if you saw something unethical during the interview, its time you consider declining the offer.

The employees are sceptical:

Take time to talk to the employees of the company about the work environment and the boss. Talk about the management and work ethics. If the employees seem confused and give random answers, take the alarm and consider one of the following:

  • Research more about the company
  • Have a small meeting with the interviewer again to observe these problems first hand.

Not sure of your duties:

If the interviewer failed to explain your KRA’s properly, this should be a warning that the company wasn’t prepared for the interview or they have jobs outside your mainstream work in mind for you. Ask them again and make sure you have your duties detailed properly.

They were blunt about overtimes:

If you were looking for balanced work timing, but the company bluntly talked about unpaid overtime, this must be a clear sign of the company’s work ethics being skewed.

The company’s turnover is much more than it should be:

May not be important for many, but this is a really strong indication of the company’s indulgement into unethical activities(probably). Always do a background check.

Your mission doesn’t align well with the company:

It’s important that your personal values are well aligned with that of the company to avoid conflicts in the future. You wouldn’t want to get in a job that you might want to decline later.

The base pay is below average:

If the company’s base pay for the job is below the standards of the industry. Consider talking to the employees about their pay and increments.

No scope for personal growth:

Personal growth is as important as professional growth. If you are sceptical that the company wouldn’t provide time for personal growth, you must reconsider your decision.

Consider all the above points and decide if you still want to accept the job(not recommended). Don’t burn any bridges and say no in the most polite way possible.


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