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Portfolio constitutes as documents or samples which are assembled with an aim to display that you have appropriate experience, skills, and talents. People in design and creative industries prefer this way of talent display.

How is it helpful?

It depends upon the person itself. For example: if you are a student, the portfolio works as a base for your career by defining your transformation from a student to an employee. But if you are a professional and due to any reason you have not prepared a portfolio then you are in loss. Why so?

Here are a few reasons why should make it right now:

1. Easiest and fastest way of showing talent:

This is the 21st century and nobody has time to go through your resume and take up the personal interviews. Employers these days consider the portfolio as help in the determination of talent as it is easier and faster to judge the person through this medium.

Only a person who has done plenty of work in the field of his interest can prepare a document comprising of talent and skills. This indicates the knowledge and years of experience. In short, people with portfolio are considered to be more experienced.

2. A full stop to worries:

Gone are those days when you had to write or prepare a written result for the judgment of your skills by a future employer. And now, you do not have to worry about impressing the employer by putting the extra effort. Instead, you can simply redirect the person to the profile which consists of your work experience.

Through this, you save two things: time and energy.

3. “Action speaks louder than your words” :

The collection gives a clear insight into your knowledge and experience in respect of the concerned field of work. Through this, the employer judges your ability and way of getting things done. This medium is the only way of expressing things that you are promising to have excelled in.

Keep this in mind: When prepared with utmost honesty and transparency, you stand chances of getting selected for that dream job.

4. Keep it updated:

There is absolutely no point in having a portfolio if you are too lazy to update your work. To attract quality employer or customer, you should keep it updated. While updating it keep it in mind you do not end up adding an irrelevant work achievement as there are chances it may work reverse.

5. Defines your strengths:

Through this medium, you can demonstrate your core skills by documenting up your knowledge with the shreds of evidence of work performed by you.  For example, if you are a web designer, take an extract of each project done by you. For better results, you can provide the links of the websites that you have worked for. But if the website is not live till yet, going with the extract of work can be convincing.

6. Pro tip: Go for an online portfolio

An online portfolio is the best way of demonstrating the activities done by you. As this does not include turning from page to page and solves the problem of “wastage of paper”. You can say this is an easy and eco-friendly mode of introduction.


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