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“What is the definition of an ideal employee? An ideal employee is a person who performs with sheer concentration and makes every possible effort to achieve the predetermined goal.” This is what we have been asked to think in all the sectors of work. But what if there is another way to define an ideal employee which is also the more practical way of being an ideal employee?

Well, yes. Breaking the code for you; the lazy is the new ideal employee. That is it. Only one quality and you are an ideal employee!

Many among us think that a lazy person can never be someone’s matter of interest because he will end up delaying almost every work assigned to him. But that is not true at all. The wealthiest man in the world agreed to this by saying, “I choose a lazy person to perform a difficult task because he will surely come with an easy way to excel it.”

The billionaire worth of $95.7 billion spelled the cheat for you!

Hence below are some points throwing light upon the necessity of a procrastinator:

1. Laziness is the derivation of creativity:

A lazy mind wanders around to get hold of the simplest process for performing the job. And during this process of finding the simplest way, one questions himself more than a mother who has caught her teenage son smoking a cigarette.

Questions help the person to come with the best solution which is why a procrastinator never fails to deliver the work but also receives applaud for his sweat.

2. Unique vision is the key:

The recent research done on lazy people says that they are not part of the herd. This kind of people has got their own ways to accelerate towards a certain job. They do not follow the old and useless techniques to perform. Rather they can be noticed experimenting with one new trick that they thought of while using their whole time to think and think.

3. Lazy is the new smart:

Ever seen a lazy person running constantly towards the goals? No right?

Well, you will never see any in the future either. Because such people have understood one thing, “working with the brain will make things easier for your body.”

Hence they can be seen chilling while others being in a hurry towards the attainment of victory.

4. More unpredictable than future:

Procrastinators are seen doing nothing but rest. You ask them what they are doing in the evening and they will probably say that they need to rest because the office hours are difficult to deal with.

But these are the same kind of people who will come unprepared for that important annual meeting and nail it in everyone’s face. Nobody knows how they manage such magic, which makes them certainly the most unpredictable species.



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