2018 budget opens the door for job seekers - Worknrby
Will 2018 budget opens the door for job seekers - Worknrby

We have completed two months of the year 2018. And now the job market in 2018 has to estimate vacancies with its budget. It is a precise observation that the rate of employment in India has decreased a lot in the past years.

The number of vacancies created is not on par with the increasing job seekers. According to the survey, more than 30% of youngsters in the age group of 15-29 are unemployed and are in search of new opportunities.

But it seems that before general elections in the coming year, India will have a wide-ranging roadmap sketched for all the employers and employees with an aim to create good quality jobs in almost all sectors.

This number was reflected in the recent Budget 2018. It seems job market in 2018 is going to open too many new opportunities for all who are in search of a good job.

Budget 2018 is beckoning the commencement of a high job evolution stage. Some of the proposals in this year budget that will help the job seekers are as follows:

  1. The government has proposed to set up 24 government colleges and will allocate Rs.1200 crore for this program that will lead to the development of health centers and job vacancies.
  2. It has also proposed to set up 18 new schools of architecture and a railway university in Vadodara that is undoubtedly going to boost the employment opportunities.
  3. Some of the infrastructure projects and farmers incentives will help in the development of informal jobs.
  4. The government has proposed in this year budget that it will contribute 12% to EPF of new employees, which in turn will motivate the companies to gear up the recruitment of candidates.
  5. In an attempt to increase the women workforce, the government has decreased the contribution of women employees to EPF.

Thus, we can see that 2018 budget schemes if carried out efficiently are undoubtedly going to help the job seekers. However, it is also a need that India should also focus on developing skilled talents. Because it is an estimate that by the year 2022, there will be about 37% jobs that will require skills utterly different from skills that exist today.


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